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Why are GPUs so important today?

Graphics cards are critical for many applications including good gaming experiences, cryptocurrency mining, complex rendering, engineering simulation, high-performance computing, and other tasks.

Machine learning, specifically deep learning, and neural network are some of the newer applications that work better with modern GPUs by taking advantage of their parallel processing capacity to process data and train algorithms faster.

GPU Market Dominance

Nvidia is the dominant provider of GPUs on the market. The company is also branching into the provision of AI algorithms and supercomputers. However, they are not the only provider in the space.

The unexpected success of generative AI and the subsequent competition between Microsoft, Google, Open-AI, Baidu, and now also Nvidia and others, is driving up demand for GPUs dramatically. Elon Musk is rumored to be building his own generative AI solutions and has apparently purchased 10,000 GPUs to this end.

Not only GPUs

Of course, artificial intelligence hardware does not rely solely on the GPU: multiple processors are used in a typical solution, but GPUs are a critical component because of their capacity to process large amounts of data quickly.

The demand for GPUs is therefore expected to grow significantly.

The production and distribution of the usual electronic components and GPUs will be under enormous pressure in the future. In this scenario, it is likely that it become necessary to source GPUs on the gray market – as long as you can find trust-worthy suppliers and reliable products.

Do you have customers who might be thinking about implementing generative AI in their companies or are you planning to create products to meet this demand?

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