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Your Global Electronic Components Partner

Electronic Partner is your global electronic components partner that works internationally as an independent distributor and wholesaler of semiconductors, integrated circuits, electronic boards, transformers, and wiring components. We also have official distributor status for specific brands, such as Italtras transformers.

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We specialize in dedicated and targeted searches on large orders or big ticket items that add value to your bottom line: after you’ve contacted all your suppliers and have received their offers, share with us the best deals you found and we will contact our pre-screened and verified suppliers to verify if that offer can be improved and to secure the deal on your behalf.

If we can’t find you a better deal we’ll share any market intelligence we uncover – free of charge – to strengthen your negotiating hand.

For rare, obsolete or hard-to-find items, we specialize in sourcing authentic products from legitimate suppliers that offer product warranties and guaranteed delivery. With your approval, we have these products tested and verified by independent test centres before releasing any funds or shipping the goods, so you have all possible safeguards in the transaction.

We pride ourselves on our 20-year track-record (read our reviews) as a professional and reliable long-term partner to our customers – whether you are in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, the US or anywhere else.


We are committed to professionalism, transparency and reliability; this means that we:

  • Only use independent experts (external to the distribution channel) to test electronic components
  • Only source from trustworthy suppliers that we have personally screened, verified and vetted
  • Only buy authentic (new and original) products for our customers and avoid counterfeit chips or non-compliant components
  • Regularly check Erai’s blacklist of suppliers to avoid dealing with them
  • Are always committed to securing the best conditions (quality, price, availability) globally available
  • Use professional escrow services, if necessary, to safeguard the customer’s money


  • Special quotes – We work with the official non-European circuit to source new and original items with official guarantees
  • Rare, hard-to-find, and obsolete electronic components – We source original components from pre-screened and verified sources
  • Independent Testing – We partner with independent testing houses outside the supply chain to ensure that items are authentic and compliant
  • Professional escrow services are offered to clients if necessary
  • Excess stock – We market your surplus stock on specialized online platforms to help you resell these unused items


  • Ensure the uptime of your production line by securing a continuous supply of authentic (new and original) products
  • Protect your bottom line by checking that you are really getting the best conditions (quality, price, availability) globally available
  • Strategically manage your supply chain to mitigate risk by collaborating with Electronic Partner to regularly verify your pricing, add different legitimate suppliers to your network, and periodically test your supplies
  • Minimise production delays by taking advantage of 5-7-day deliveries on orders
  • Improve your cash flow by recovering some capital outlay, reduce your stock inventory and insurance costs, and free up costly warehousing space by selling your excess stock through us.

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