Italtras is an ISO9001-certified company that produces electric current transformers and other power-related products.


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Transformers by Italy-based Italtras, who designs and manufactures various specialized products that conform with the European EN 61558 standard, and with the UL506 and UL5085 standards in the USA. Electronic Partner is an authorized distributor for Italtras.
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Ferrite transformers

Ferrite units for switching made of Litz wire and ultra-high-insulation copper wire.

Transformers for embedded power integrators

Mono-phase or three-phase power units for PCB or panel mounting, built to European, Canadian and American standards.

3-phase transformers up to 350KWA

Primary and secondary (star, delta, star + neutral) three-phase units with customizable “connection groups”.

Power supplies

Mean Well Switching power supplies and DC/DC converters. Available as open frame, enclosed with PFC, or for DIN rails.

Inrush current limiters

Mono-phase and three-phase current inrush limiters, for screw mounting or for DIN rails.


Toroidal coils available with ferrite, iron powder, Moly Permalloy or Hi-Flux cores.

Air or magnetic-core inductors

Filter inductors built on single-wound or antiparrallel double-wound toroidal ferrite cores.

PCB Transformers

ENEC- and UL-rated open-type PCB transformers made of self-extinguishing materials.

Low profile transformers

ENEC- and cURus-rated (UL+CSA) low-profile units (from 4-55VA), for American and Canadian markets; also customizable to specification.

Encapsulated PCB transformers

ENEC- and cURus (UL+CSA)-rated PCB units (from 1-52VA), also customizable on request.

Special transformers for DIN rails

Fully customizable EN-61558-compliant DIN-rail units with any choice of input and output voltages.