About our company

History and location

Herewith, a brief history and some information about our company. Founded in 2002 by Alessandro Nardo, a veteran of the electronics industry, we pride ourselves on our 20-year track-record as a professional and trustworthy independent distributor.

The company head office is just outside Padua in northwestern Italy, home to the largest multimode freight centre in the country, which processed 6.2m tons of goods in 2021 and offers 300,000m² of warehouses and 240,000m² of intermodal (integrating trucks and trains) terminal with dedicated services including customs, fuel distribution and parking, and is one of the most important in Europe – almost all goods that travel to or from Europe pass through Padua.

Electronic Partner is also strategically located close to the Venice Marco Polo Airport (45km away), and benefits from its proximity to several railway stations (Padua and Padua Interporto) with direct, high-speed rail connections into Cologne in Germany and Geleen (near Maastricht) in the Netherlands, as well as the substantial northern Italian road transport network that links it to the eastern seaboard (Milan and Genoa), and to central and southern Italy, as well as to France, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

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To be our customers’ right hand in sourcing authentic electronic components at more advantageous conditions than their usual suppliers can offer.


To create long-term partnerships with our customers in their purchase of electronic components by providing value-added information that increases their negotiating power with suppliers.


Trust, Continuous Improvement, Support, Quality, Customer Care, Safeguarding Customer Money. 

Alessandro Nardo
Founder & Sales Manager.