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How to find good quality electronic components at the best price

What elements should you consider when purchasing electronic components?

Hypothetically, quality and safety both rank first and buyers can greatly reduce their risk of non-conformity by buying original items, which also guarantees safety for users. However the number and variety of components being considered for purchase automatically increases the complexity of work required to examine them all.

With the increasing numbers of manufacturers entering the market, how can buyers find more competitive conditions and simultaneously avoid the risk of buying unsatisfactory products? Specifically, how can buyers find quality electronic components at the best price when they need them. 

Online retailers represent a potential solution. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) is the rule, however.

Electronic component buyers are encouraged to approach these online retailers only with the assistance of reliable professionals such as Electronic Partner. We have been operating as an independent distributor in the value-added electronic components market for over 20 years and have therefore learned to identify and avoid dodgy players.

What types of products do electronic component e-shops stock?

Thanks to fierce competition in recent years between online resellers, their product catalogues have expanded dramatically, making it very easy to find all kinds of electronic components and connectors, from power supplies, semiconductors, and transformers, to displays, batteries, automation products and more.

For instance, the MAX680CSA+ and MAX17552ATB+T switching controllers and DS12887+ Real-Time Clocks with non-volatile RAM, formerly from Maxim Integrated and now part of Analog Devices since the conclusion of the acquisition in 2020, are just some examples of the products these e-stores sell.

And, in many cases, buying online may be a convenient way to find electronic components at the best prices. Given their lower fixed costs and warehousing costs, online electronic component resellers or distributors can sometimes ask lower prices than those charged by official distributors – and the goods are often in stock too!

A further advantage is that competition between these web-based vendors has led several of them to also offer free shipping on orders over a certain size.

Despite these advantages, though, why do many companies still prefer to use traditional purchasing channels?

On the one hand, the sheer breadth of the selection on offer combined with the impossibility of dealing directly with the seller can make it difficult for customers to choose the right electronic component. On the other hand, the temptation of buying only based on price induces many people to trust unreliable operators.

Online buyers should not only have access to quality goods, but also to qualified service and fast delivery times. Thanks to its years of experience, Electronic Partner knows exactly where to look. Members of Electronic Partner’s team constantly and carefully screen suppliers in the electronic components market with the aim of establishing specific price and availability parameters according to each customer’s needs.

Acting as independent consultants, we are able to steer our customers towards the purchase of authentic components at the best market price that are also available within the customer’s required timeframes.

Our core drivers are reliability and complete dedication to our customer. This helps us in our mission to build solid and lasting relationships of trust with our clients.

Contact us and put us to the test!

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