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How to tell if a supply of electronic components is authentic

As an electronics business owner, you have probably often spent time analysing the industry and its highly changeable context, constantly at the mercy of political, social and economic events. Chances are you have also dealt with a multitude of suppliers offering you rates and products, shipping costs and delivery times, that were not always convenient or 100% guaranteed.

For these reasons we recommend opting for a professional independent distributor who knows how to navigate the ever-changing market between hard-to-find components and the most advantageous conditions for you. They can also check the authenticity of a supply of electronic components.

Independent distributors can check product authenticity

An independent distributor can help you in your search for step-down high brightness LED drivers such as a Taiwan Semiconductor TS19376CY5RMG, enabling you to order the number of pieces you need. Alternatively, they may be able to recommend a specific alternative product type, or alert you to the possibility of special discounts: imagine paying 40% less for a stock of spare parts! Would that work for you? The only real question is whether or not that stock comes from a reputable source.

So how can you be certain about the origin of the products and avoid any potential problems?

How to check the authenticity of a stock of products

Using a professional independent distributor to buy TS19376CY5RMG LED drivers can save you time and avoid nasty surprises. Generally, when you buy independently directly from suppliers, you have to make sure that the products are really genuine. This is done by following a few steps:

  • checking for any reviews or references left by customers
  • analysing the photos provided, starting with the packaging
  • examining the labels on the packaging and the pictures of the goods
  • studying the test reports

Benefits of using a professional independent distributor

All this requires valuable time that you could be spending on other things. A professional independent distributor will do this for you! They are also responsible for verifying the traceability of the product, which is becoming increasingly difficult to analyse. This is because, in some cases, the barcodes on the designation of origin labels are removed, possibly because they could embarrass the component supplier. Professional independent distributors only work with products that are covered by warranties and whose exact origin can be determined.

Types of warranties

There are essentially two types of warranties:

  1. Product replacement in the event of malfunction or non-conformity: in this case whoever sold you the component has no direct dealings with the manufacturer
  2. Product failure analysis, i.e. an in-depth analysis of the failure which includes testing of the product and/or its possible replacement: in this case, your supplier deals directly with the original manufacturer who provides the warranty, the conditions of which are stated on the manufacturer’s site.

Partnering with a professional independent distributor allows you to forget about all these problems, relying on them to take care of the various aspects of the purchase, according to your requirements.

At Electronic Partner we have specialized in the field of electronic component distribution for over 20 years, helping companies to find the best products at the right price while also finding the most suitable delivery service.

Contact us today for more information or a quote.

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