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Is it hard for you to ignore dirt-cheap electronic components?

Do you find it almost impossible to ignore offers of electronic component stock at dirt-cheap prices, particularly for parts that are holding up your production line, or that are obsolete or hard to find?

Does this change when the supplier in question is NOT one of your regular suppliers?

Be careful not to fall into this trap. There is a good chance that electronic components offered at dirt cheap prices are actually counterfeit products. And if so, today they are also likely to be impeccably manufactured and almost indistinguishable from genuine items!

For this reason, it is essential to meticulously investigate the relevant supplier to ensure that both the company and its offerings are legitimate.

A typical business example

You need a 32-bit microcontroller such as a CY91F467DBPVSR-GS-UJE2 from Infineon Technologies, which is currently scheduled to be discontinued by the manufacturer; or an ARM microcontroller such as STM32H755IIT6 from STMicroelectronics or a MK26FN2M0VMI18 from NXP Semiconductors, but none of the major official sources have stock and they will not have it in stock for several weeks or months.

Internet search

Almost anyone in your shoes would turn to the internet in search of a distributor who may have the chips in stock. However, we all know how quick and easy it is to set up a website that looks professional, so consider how simple it is for a counterfeiter to do so, and to create the impression of having stock that does not exist.

Moreover, with chip prices as high as they are, they also have a massive incentive to manufacture and market fake chips.

What should you do?

What do you do when your online search produces a list of companies you have never heard of, or have only come across rarely? How can you be sure which of them are legitimate and which are not?

Find an independent distributor who already knows all the legitimate overseas operators! Partnering with a professional independent distributor will help you avoid this time-consuming and tedious, yet necessary, analysis.

At Electronic Partner, getting to know our supplier partners and continuously seeking out new, reliable companies has been our obsession for over two decades!

Put us to the test!

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