Electronic Partner’s commitment to social responsibility - Picture of the Viviautismo’s Centre for Autism (CSMA)

Electronic Partner’s commitment to social responsibility

Electronic Partner has joined the more than 800 companies that provide ongoing financial support to the Italian non-profit association “I Bambini delle Fate” (or the Fairy Children).

Social Responsibility with I Bambini delle Fate (The Fairy Children)

Electronic Partner’s commitment to social responsibility includes support for the non-profit organization (NPO) I Bambini Delle Fate is a social enterprise founded in 2005 to financially support social inclusion projects and programmes run by local partners to benefit families with autism and other disabilities. It focuses exclusively on conducting regular and innovative fundraising activities: it works to create groups of supporters to continuously fund services, inclusion and autonomy projects aimed at improving the lives of the numerous families living with the challenge of autism and disability. The association’s collaborators actively involve entrepreneurs and citizens to “adopt [local associations] by proximity” and to support an inclusion project over time.

By means of its national campaign for social inclusion aimed at entrepreneurs, I Bambini delle Fate identifies local association partners to manage projects that meet the needs of families in different areas after which its representatives involve groups of entrepreneurs that operate in each project’s geographical area. 

Each business owner consciously chooses to commit to a regular sponsorship paid monthly which allows the NPO to support projects with long-term, organised and structured time frames.

This enables the funded associations to plan and schedule services for the concrete benefit of families in each local area and sustain medium-to-long-term paths of inclusion.

A first for autism

Electronic Partner’s regular monthly support contributes to the activities of the Padua-based volunteer organization, Viviautismo Odv. Viviautismo was established by a group of five parents in 2009 and registered with the Veneto Regional Register. It focuses on meeting the needs of an ever-increasing number of families who cannot find adequate or sufficient responses to their children’s needs in the territory.

Specifically, our commitment to social responsibility is a contribution to Viviautismo’s Centre for Autism (CSMA), a specialized multi-systemic centre for the treatment of autism which it created exclusively with private funds in 2015.

In recent years, the CSMA has become a point of reference for families by providing assessment and therapy for children, and support for parents, training activities for teachers, assistants and parents, and school integration/coaching projects.

A tailor-made programme is created for each child and respects their needs and characteristics.

In November 2019, the Municipality of Padua granted Viviautismo the right to use Villa Berta, a substantial country villa just outside Padua, as a base for the development and expansion of projects aimed at adolescents and young adults with autism. Villa Berta welcomes adults and children from the age of 13 upwards, and focuses on meeting the various needs of adolescence and adulthood by offering programmes that help the individual to grow and pursue objectives such as becoming more independent, transitioning from school into adulthood, starting work, gradually detaching from the family, and sharing time with peers.

Supporting the most vulnerable

“Our desire to support the neediest children led us to become involved with I Bambini delle Fate, which is a positive and proactive initiative that offers hope and a future to the families that are dealing with these challenges.

The fact that our contribution goes to families in our local area was another important incentive for us because it offers us a real and tangible opportunity to give something back to the community in which we live and work",

comments Alessandro Nardo, the founder and sales manager of Electronic Partner, “We are very happy to be a part of such a worthy initiative and to contribute to making a difference in the lives of these families.”

Video courtesy i Bambini delle Fate: Youtube @FondazioneiBambinidelleFate

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