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References and how to interview them

Why are references so important?

Everyone feels pleasure in hearing others speak well of them. The ability to ensure a positive self-image to the people you meet, in addition to satisfying your ego, can bring other benefits, and expand your opportunities. This makes references fundamental, not only to your social life but also to your business. For business, they are so important that we can consider them a mirror of each individual operator in the market.

In many cases, companies looking for an independent distributor only aim to get a discount on list prices. However, limiting yourself to this objective cements you to a short-term view, which is counterproductive in the long term: you may find yourself saving a few euros, but could receive goods of lower quality than expected and potentially reserve a service that is anything but careful.

If you are considering entrusting a new supplier for your purchases, it is important to remember to ask the right questions.

Before trying to get discounts on a Taiyo Yuden price list, you had better ask your contact for a list of references. If they resist or hesitate, you should seriously consider whether or not you should actually include this supplier in your list of candidates.

On the other hand, if the supplier is willing to provide some names, make sure that they provide the necessary details for you to actually contact the references to interview them.

What questions should you ask references?

First, you need to find out what products the reference usually requests from the specific supplier and how frequently. You should then find out how long have they been using the specific supplier. You will also need to inquire about any problems they have encountered and how the specific supplier worked to resolve them.

After you have obtained the list of references and carried out the interviews, you will have to compare the answers received. This will allow you to see if there is a balanced between the “Pros” and “Cons”. The goal is to try to compare the different perspectives of people in your same line of business with you.

Suppliers and your company

It is important to remember that the quality of the products you offer to your customers, and the competitiveness of your market are largely reliant on the ability of suppliers to meet your needs.

For these reasons, companies today purchase almost exclusively from previously qualified suppliers and base their purchasing decisions on the suppliers’ proven ability to meet their requirements, after contacting their references.

Suppliers who are quick and reliable positively impact both your company’s production and your organisational process.

Obtaining adequate information from references means reducing time and costs for material procurement on the one hand, and limiting the risk of choosing an unsuitable independent distributor on the other.

As to the question “Can we get about one hundred Taiyo Yuden UMK325AB7106KM-T in a short time?” you can expect a timely and truthful answer only once you’ve vetted the suppliers in advance by contacting their references.

Successful sourcing starts by selecting reliable suppliers who can guarantee the promised quality.

If you have any questions concerning our activities as an independent distributor, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Assess what we have to offer and compare us with other suppliers on your list of possible new partners – we feel sure that after you have evaluated our references you will be back to place an order with us.

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