International bank notes in a shopping cart. Asian suppliers prioritise very different things to Western culture. Do you prefer a discount, replacement material, or a refund?

Do you prefer a discount, replacement material, or a refund?

Today, hard-to-find electronic components are found almost exclusively on the open market, while official distribution channels on the other hand have resumed shipping most items, albeit some items only sporadically. When the electronic components you buy are non-compliant, do you prefer a discount, replacement material, or a refund on the order?

Different cultural approaches

China continues to be the main supplier to the parallel market, and it behoves buyers to remember that Chinese culture prioritises very different things to Western culture. This requires a different approach when managing the deal.

In our experience, Chinese electronics suppliers are typically highly pragmatic and generally place more importance on the profits to be made on individual rapid deals than they do on customer relationships. This results in scenarios where, for example, you may have confirmed an order and made advance payment only to find that the material has already been sold to someone else at a higher price!

This seems to be contrary to the generally prevailing Chinese business culture based on Confucian philosophy where the principle of “Guanxi” or networking focuses long-term relationships built on the exchange of mutually beneficial favours. 

Solutions for non-compliant electronics

When it comes to non-compliant items, Asian suppliers quite often prefer to offer a discount on future orders rather than refunding money for faulty items.

By contrast, Electronic Partner either refunds its customers their money or replaces the material of non-compliant items. This is because professional independent distributors who value customer relationships must find solutions that meet their customer’s requirements. This is another powerful reason to choose an independent distributor.

Which approach do you prefer? Put us to the test and ask us for a quote.

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