A hand drawing five stars as a review or reference of a supplier

Do you think suppliers’ references are important?

Do you think suppliers’ references are important? When you are looking for stock, you can often either find it online or more conventionally through standard offers you receive from suppliers. However, if the stock comes from a new supplier it may not be reliable.

One aspect that is not always taken into consideration is references.

References allow you to examine how the potential supplier has interacted with its current and former customers.

Suppliers’ references allow you to determine whether the supplier has ever provided non-compliant electronic components and, if so, how it handled non-compliance and refunds. An independent distributor can be a useful ally in vetting potential new suppliers.

If you decide to rely on a new supplier of electronic components, another aspect to consider carefully is payment options – especially in the beginning when you do not know each other very well.

You should also only complete payment after receiving confirmation of material shipment. Your top priority should be to avoid paying money to someone who might disappear after your first meeting.

In this case, an independent distributor should be able to provide you with other payment options because their job is to help you protect and achieve your goals.

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