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Electronic Partner’s commitment to quality in electronic components

In the fast-paced world of electronic components, reliability, and quality assurance are non-negotiables for manufacturers and customers alike. Electronic Partner, a distinctive independent distributor of electronic components, distinguishes itself by offering a unique approach that differentiates it from traditional brokers.


Testing for transparency

At the heart of Electronic Partner’s commitment is the belief that its customers deserve maximum transparency when making crucial electronic component buying decisions. Unlike other brokers, Electronic Partner offers its customers access to independent expert testing on the components they intend to purchase.


Expert, customized testing for peace of mind

Based on their experience and knowledge, the company’s partner test laboratories recommend the essential tests to be executed based on the specific type and model of component in question, as well as the number of units to test. This assures our customers a comprehensive evaluation of functionality and quality, and allows our customers to make informed decisions.


The proof is in the pudding

Electronic Partner’s customer reviews are testimony to our commitment to customer satisfaction . None of the customers who have used the testing service have reported non-conformities or problems with components purchased through Electronic Partner. This underlines our dedication to delivering reliable and high-quality electronic components.


Meeting the challenges in the semiconductor industry

In an era marked by semiconductor shortages, there has been renewed industry discussion around data codes as a guarantee of component ‘freshness’. Electronic Partner supports the view that component ‘expiry dates’ are no longer to be feared: as long as the components have been properly stored, they will be reliable well beyond the specified date.


Redefining data codes

Originally introduced in the 1960s for traceability, modern warehousing and logistics have made data codes less necessary as indicators of component quality; on the contrary, they may often prevent the use of perfectly good components leading to the creation of unnecessary electronic waste with the related implications.


Dismantling common misconceptions

Contrary to common belief, numerous tests and research conducted by Electronic Partner show that data codes are not reliable indicators of component quality. Rigorous testing of components stored correctly for up to 17 years proves that they remain functional and electrically sound. Furthermore, while consumer applications drive demand for semiconductors with short life cycles, industrial sectors such as medical, aerospace, and defence, require much longer life cycles for mission critical semiconductor components, proving the irrelevance of these expiry dates.

As further evidence, the Electronics Components Industry Association (ECIA) also now recommends ending general restrictions on data codes due to improvements in supply chain and storage processes over the past four decades that have addressed component age concerns.

Electronic Partner is committed to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. We believe in offering components and solutions that stand the test of time. As the electronics industry continues to evolve, Electronic Partner has proven itself a reliable partner for those seeking components backed by rigorous testing, industry expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

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