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Does your supplier use an external test house?

In a previous article on the blog we explored the importance of investigating the reliability of new suppliers by using their references.

In today’s market there is a high risk of buying counterfeit electronic components. It is therefore imperative to investigate any stock and the distributors who are offering it to you.

The first step in investigating a new supplier is to interview them.

Interviewing distributors and their references must be done precisely and methodically to understand whether they are part of a fraudulent organization or not.

The next step is to ask them if they use an external test house that guarantees their customers unbiased and objective inspections and quality checks on the material they sell.

Why is this so important?

To use an external test house or not to test...

As mentioned, counterfeit parts, damaged or malfunctioning components, and, unfortunately, companies that use unethical and fraudulent business practices are all rife in the electronic components sector.

Therefore, to protect your production line and your company’s reputation, you should always check the authenticity and functionality of the parts you buy on the open market.

Testing must include

  • physical inspection of the external packaging,
  • inspection of the tapes and reels to ensure consistent placement and the quality of the laminate, and
  • visual checks (where necessary with magnifying lenses) to ensure the integrity of the individual components.

(For a more detailed article on testing, read our dedicated blog post.)

Electronic Partner always uses an outside test house to guarantee the quality and reliability of the material we source, so that our customers have peace of mind.

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