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Today, independent distributors are often accused of introducing counterfeit parts or bad components that do not meet specifications in the electronics supply chain. Why?

Counterfeiters apparently sell their fake products to unscrupulous brokers who then resell them to other brokers and independent distributors, and eventually, the fake parts are purchased from buyers who provide electronic manufacturing services. The fake parts cannot be discovered until they are mounted on a board or a finished system is tested. The worst-case scenario, of course, is that the fake part is not detected until it causes a system error in the field.

For years, electronic industry associations and many authorized distributors have warned buyers to buy only components directly from manufacturers or authorized distributors because it was the only way to guarantee the originality of the parts.

Independent distributors recognize that counterfeits are a real problem in the electronics supply chain and have installed rigorous screening and testing processes to identify fake components and built a network of suppliers that enable proper and continuous procurement. A reliable independent distributor is able to trace parts from the original component manufacturer. In some cases, non-franchised distributors purchase parts directly from a component manufacturer, even without a formal franchise agreement. As an example, if you turn to a valid, high-profile distributor to purchase a semiconductor

  • CY22150FZXI, 
  • MB90F546GSPFR-GE1,
  • S29GL256P10FFI010
  • FM25V02-GTR  

you can rest assured that it will purchase the required components from the Cypress parent company.

The key to purchasing from independent distributors is to research and qualify distributors like any other supplier. The purchasing departments of some large OEMs and EMS suppliers do this and some have a few independent distributors selected from their lists of approved suppliers. Although these companies can purchase most of the components, they need for production directly from semiconductor and other component manufacturers, they also purchase some parts from distributors, both authorized and independent, especially if stocks are scarce.

The independent distributors, which these companies use, have been screened and qualified before a purchase order is placed to ensure that they sell quality products, can trace parts from the original manufacturer, and have nothing to do with selling fake parts.

Using due care, therefore knowing the independent distributor well and guaranteeing his professionalism, buying through independent distributors has many positive aspects.

First of all, the price and delivery, very often more advantageous than that of the “official” retailers, who cannot give you a real and wider view of the market, as independent distributors do, because they are structured in a diametrically different way: the officers have the longest supply chain inside, so buyers who have to follow an important amount of data and consequently can not always update the individual seller and/or customer, while independent distributors have lean structures where the employee who follows the customer can also interface directly with the source of supply/manufacturer

Secondly, this type of distribution allows us to find on the market also obsolete and out of production parts, always in a short time.

In addition, some buyers choose to do business with independent distributors because they often offer to buy excess inventory. In fact, many companies like this can get rid of unnecessary and unwanted stock in stock.

Do you want to see more closely and touch the positive sides of buying through an independent distributor? Feel free to contact us and let’s build a winning relationship together!


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