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A smile that makes a difference: “Giocaconilcuore”

We are excited to share with you our collaboration with “Giocaconilcuore” (Play with Heart), a non-profit volunteer organization that promotes and manages activities to support projects for children, the elderly, and other people (and/or animals) in difficult situations.

Electronic Partner has always been committed to giving back and, as a result, has formed long-term partnerships with several non-profit organizations (NPOs), including Casa Priscilla, I Bambini delle Fate, and others.

At this time of year, like many companies in Italy, we traditionally prepare Christmas gifts for our clients. This year we decided to include a new NPO as a beneficiary of our thanks to customers for their support. Electronic Partner and Giocaconilcuore: a smile that makes a difference!

What is “Giocaconilcuore?”

This outstanding organization actively collaborates with numerous social associations, and has a particular focus on creating “Smile Rooms”, dedicated recreational spaces for young patients in hospitals or in family homes for children in critical situations.

In addition to these initiatives, “Giocaconilcuore” promotes entertainment activities for child patients through clowns, magic, workshops, and storytelling. Their distinctive clown-like red noses indicate a supportive friend and contribute to making others smile.

The association has clear goals:

1. To identify, promote and manage support and charity activities for projects involving children, the elderly and people in distressed situations.
2. To contribute financially to the implementation of projects aimed at improving quality of life for people in difficulty.
3. To support activities for animals in complicated situations.

Chocolates as part of our Christmas gift to customers

To actively support the important work of “Giocaconilcuore”, Electronic Partner has decided to make a tangible gesture. We are purchasing chocolates from the NPO to distribute as part of our Christmas thank-you gift to our customers, with the further intention of helping to spread the positive message and grow support for the social initiatives of “Giocaconilcuore”.

In addition to delighting our customers’ palates and thanking them for their business, we want to raise awareness about – and hopefully stimulate more support for – the NPO’s activities. By distributing these chocolates, we hope to engage new sponsors who, like us, want to help children by bringing play, joy and happiness into otherwise difficult moments.

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