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How to choose a new supplier

For many companies, the multiple events that occurred in recent times, and in particular the Coronavirus pandemic, have made the market even more volatile. How to choose a new supplier in a market where the economic, social and political consequences of the lockdown were severe and the situation is likely to continue to be challenging in the coming months.

Fluctuating prices, variable delivery times and other factors certainly do not help those looking for new suppliers.

Suffice it to say that Asia, which is still perhaps the most important market region in terms of numbers, is now close to production saturation with domestic production of small electric cars, 5G, and so on. This is precisely the time that independent distributors have carved out an increasingly important role for themselves.

Do you work in the electronics industry? How do you choose board and cabling components that simultaneously guarantee product quality, prompt delivery and favourable economic conditions?

When you contact an independent distributor you will receive answers to questions such as “Where can I find the items in the Rubycon catalogue at the best price?” or “I need to obtain the 400LLE1MEFC6.3X11 quickly, where can I find it?

An independent distributor’s knowledge and expertise will also provide you with advice on new products, perhaps at better prices, that are perfectly suited to substitute the items you would like to purchase.

The supplier's web presence: a valuable tool to learn more about them

The number of suppliers in the field of electronic components has gradually increased in recent years, but this growth in numbers does not necessarily correspond to better quality service. Indeed, alongside efficient and well-structured companies, there are others that are less solid and less customer-oriented.

You can initially filter the available options by selecting suppliers that are members of web platforms specifically dedicated to your sector. Once you have verified the independent distributor’s existence, you can learn what they publish, and how often, as well as verify whether their posts receive feedback from users.

The importance of references

One factor that is not always considered as seriously as it should be is references. Why should you consider references when choosing a new supplier?

References allow you to understand the supplier’s behaviour with other customers. It is particularly important to verify that there are not frequent issues regarding the shipment of goods.

Contacting an independent supplier is to your advantage because you can minimize the risks linked to the unreliability of both the supplier and the courier responsible for shipping – which means saving time and money.

If you already have the names of a few potential suppliers in mind but are still not sure which is the most reliable, try to contact them and ask for references.

When you contact these references, you should ask them to tell you about any problems they encountered and what the supplier did to resolve them as fast as possible.

Payment methods: how to protect yourself

Today, manufacturers and suppliers in all sectors are more inclined to meet the needs of their customers with regard to accepted payment methods, too.
If you have already selected a new supplier of electronic components, choose the payment method for your purchases very carefully. This is particularly important in the initial period  of collaboration when you still don’t know each other very well. Ensure that you can withhold payment until after you have verified the condition of the material shipped.
As independent consultants, we can help you verify if you are actually buying quality electronic components at the best prices on the market, and obtaining fast delivery in line with your needs.
We place the experience we have gained over 20 years in the market at your disposal by providing a consulting service to help improve the future of your company.

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